Monday, February 11, 2008

Cabin Fever

I am really looking forward to spring and this month to be over. I have a huge project I coordinate for about 1.5–2 months every 6 months and it is grueling. The deadline is the end of this month and I am pretty loaded with other work as well this time. But plugging away and keeping my head above water. It does make it hard to come home and create on the computer. I have been drawing and reading though. Oh well, enough boohooing, I'm just saying.. looking forward to the cheeriness of Spring!


flora said...

yeah I know.... this winter has been really hard over here. One day we got 40 degree and the next day we have ice...over and over. I am so ready for it to go away too! Hope your project goes well! :)

mushroommeadows said...

Absolutely love it!

By the way, I like your pen test. :) Flora got me hooked on the pilot pens, too! :)

Christine said...

Oh yes, alas, the deadlines that come with the job are both awesome and cruel. But as much as they stress you out, the soothing feeling when you reach them and the job lets go its grip of you ... ahhhh, total freedom. (until the next deadline grabs hold of course;) I wonder if you get that if your work just rolls in a steady stream with no deadlines? I don't know. If it's any consolation, February is the shortest month of the year :-D (allthough one day longer that usual this time;-) I hope, as Flora, that it goes well:))

Kelly Medina said...

Thanks gals! :)


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