Sunday, February 10, 2008

NeeNee the Meanie

I have been feeling a bit of guilt in not showing a picture of my oldest kitty, nicknamed NeeNee the Meanie. She only recently go the Meanie part added since she is very uninterested in being near the new cats. But she is my little princess and deserves her moment on my blog. She is very photogenic - she has the grace and maturity to actually hold a pose, I wish I could get the boys or my dog to do that. Most shots are just fur blurs.

I had a busy Saturday, stayed up late watching The Night Listener and drawing in bed. Woke up with my alarm today at 7:30, turned it off thinking I would wake up an hour later on my own. yah, right! Nope, I rolled over and looked at the clock to find it was 11:30! My morning was gone! It was one of those overcast days that you have no idea what time of the day it could be. So it ended up being a relaxing day - I figured why fight it. ha!

I did get some drawing ideas done for a project I am illustrating at work. I will show it once I have it completed - well that is if they don't revise so much I end up not being too proud of it. You never know with some clients.


flora said...

She is very veyr cute! :)
Yeah it'll be nice to see what you do at work. I can't post anything I do from work cause it's not allowed by my company...otherwise I will have new post everyday... wahhhh....

Kstyles said...

She is adorable. I had a black cat once upon a time. Your blog is so fun to visit so you have received an award at my blog! Hope you don't mind.

sketched out said...

That is one gorgeous kitty! She is indeed photogenic.

I know exactly what you mean about client revisions...oye! Hope they behave and allow your talent to shine.

Kelly Medina said...

Flora - I would love to see your work too. I understand you can't, but I am always curious.

Kstyles - I don't mind in the least! I'm very flattered and thank you, thank you! I'm glad you are enjoying my blog, it means a lot. Keep on visiting and commenting, I love it!

Sketched out - Isn't she? She looks a bit sullen, but that is her love look. hah.


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