Saturday, May 3, 2008

Herb Madness

I am on serious "want to grow" things kick. I've been doing a lot of reading about growing food and having a sustainable garden. I am eager and excited to get this started. So on Friday I picked up a bunch of herbs - ricola mint, orange mint, spearmint, peppermint, parsley, cilantro, and chamomile to start in a pot. I came home right after work and got to planting. I am so happy with this pot of herbs and hope I can grow them all successfully. I am not much of a natural green thumb, but I have the heart to try and learn whatever I can so I can grow food, herbs, flowers, etc.


Christine said...

What a beautiful bunch you have there. I can just image how awesome they must smell. I can very much relate to the green kick - my balcony (I have no garden) is full of flowers and herbs. I grew zucchinies there last year - and if you are looking for home-grown-vegetables-success -- zuchinies is it. They grew HUGE, and gave lovely eatable fruits.
All the best of luck with your garden. I hope you will post from it some time:)

Paola De Gaudio said...

Ohhh! I can almost smell the photo!
Good luck with the green world ;)

sheree boyd said...

i'm with you kelly! i have a yard for the first time (well since i was a kid living at home) and we have great plans for a big sustainable garden! i have mint growing freely on my yard (they are invasive and work best in pots) good luck and happy planting (and eating too!)

Kelly Medina said...

Thanks, ladies :) I am very excited about starting to grow herbs and foods. Glad to hear about the sustainable garden, Sheree! :)

Anonymous said...

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