Monday, June 30, 2008

One Tuckered Girl

I am tired tonight. We woke up around 2am to loud lightning and thunder. There was one crackler that scared the hoohaw out of us, it felt like it was right in the backyard. That was the closest I have ever heard lightning. Not much sleep and a long bike ride to work (down hill/flat) and home (uphill/semi-flat) on a hot day really tuckered out this girl. I do feel good that I made it farther home today, before I had to get off and push my bike the rest of the way up. *cheer* C and K-Dog came to meet me along the way, so I had company on the walk up.

No illustrating for me tonight. I think I will go plunk down and doodle in my sketchbook while I watch re-runs of The Office, or maybe 30 Rock, no, no, The Office. Okay, I'm rambling on a bit more than normal anyways :)

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