Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Me, a self portrait,

... that is, if I were a daisy on a hot day. I'm not much of a hot weather person. I love brisk air, a slight breeze, blue skies with a spattering of clouds and I don't have a problem with rain at all (makes sense I live in the Northwest, I suppose). So as you can imagine during the hot months I become like this sad, wilting daisy. It was the only one like this out of the other daisies and it caught my eye. I hear so many people say they love the hot, stale air and burning (my words) sun on their skin - yah, not so much - but hey we all get a turn to enjoy our time of "perfect" weather.

Stay cool everyone :)


sketched out said...

I hear ya girlfriend! I am wishing for rain right now. Used to live on the coast (So. Cal.) now live in the high desert, where it often gets into the triple digits in the summer. But, you know... it's a dry heat.

Great shot. I am relating to it, hee hee. Your photography is really really fine, you multi-talented girl you!

Salix Tree said...

I totally agree. I just came back from Holland, where it is so much hotter than Ireland. I had to duck from one tree-shade to the next to stay a little cooler. I'd much rather be in Ireland, there's a lovely cool breeze, and lots of little rain clouds.


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