Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Big and Little

We went out for a hike at a local park, it was a wonderful day.

I thought this tree was really cool, it looks like it has furry arms growing out of it that don't quite match the trunk. They were reaching out for me!

I love leaning on a tree, looking up and taking a photo - this turned out much better than I thought.

What can I say, I love moss on sleeping logs and the dark and light contrasts (in the corners) add to this photo.

This red berry jumped out at me while I was walking down the trail, just asking me to take a picture of it.

I found this sweet heart-shaped treasure on the trail.

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

1 comment:

atomicvelvetsigh said...

ohhh pretty pictures! and what a cool find! a heart-shaped stone! ahh.. the beauty of nature..


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