Saturday, August 9, 2008

Super Saturday

What a great Saturday I had. We rode our bikes across town to see The Incredible Hulk (I'm a junkie for Marvel or DC comics/movies) at the $1.50 movie theater today. The ride is 17 miles round-trip.

I must say it was very entertaining and seemed to be much better than the previous. I didn't see the first one because, well, it looked pretty awful, and then I heard it was awful, so never bothered.

My bike. I've added a few gadgets recently and it is styling - by the way, I am fighting the urge to call my bike a "her", as I do not want anyone reading this to think I'm a nut! (but it is a she, ha!) I got that nice cushy seat, the back rack to strap my bag to, oh and a little mirror on my helmet. I am still getting used to using it, it can be a little disorienting at first, and I also worry that I will wreck trying to figure out exactly what is behind me.

The view on the bike bridge while we stopped for a water break.

On the way back home, we stopped at the Saturday Market, it was way packed and we didn't stay long (no pictures). I prefer the lighter crowds on the week days, that are set aside for just farmer vending. We also swung by this community garden just to drool at all the wonderful veggies people are growing.

How was your Saturday?

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Anonymous said...

Good for you biking all that way to the movies, what a fun thing to do.
I love the picture on the bridge, really cool!!


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